Did Rema Really Deserve The Best New Act Award On Sound City

Rema recently posted on twitter thanking his fan’s for supporting his career and wining the best new act.

this is what he has to said to his fan’s.

“I respect my commandos, when I put out sound they accept it and stream in millions, when I put out videos they view in millions, when I say vote they oblige immediately! They listen to me, they care about me & they have my back! Money can’t buy this love, I’m forever grateful ❤️.

He also went on to say on another tweet saying,

“Thank you all for believing in me. #Soundcitymvp2019 – Best new act🏆

📸 – @iamjinius_
👔 – @GypsyElvis https://t.co/Z7RSLUcO77

This is a very lovely appreciating comment from the commando himself Reme.

Stay tuned for more information.

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