BLACK MAN is a fresh out of the plastic new single from Lamboginny, a Nigerian Afro Dancehall Artist and Global Prison Reform Activist. It has a solid Afro-beat style hymn, that straightforwardly addresses the issues influencing the worldwide Black people group and generational foul play on African Americans.

The dark man began his excursion out of Africa in chains and shackles as slaves in 1619 and work date stays persecuted by orderly bigotry and mass imprisonment. The worldwide dark network has never been permitted to appreciate most extreme opportunity. We trust the time has come to end this generational subjugation and permit the dark network to encounter their maximum capacity.

This single flaunts striking symbolism which is a portrayal of the message that should be heard at the present time, as the world meets up to advocate for, “People of color MATTER.”

Lamboginny is approaching the general society to put an end efficient prejudice, grasp correspondence and sympathy towards all people.

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