Vector and Masterkraft release a pristine single titled “Eyan Colgate” highlighting DJ Neptune.

A venture that is a convergence of two mammoths is deserving of being called Cross Roads. MASTAA has demonstrated once more that he is the specialty of music and Vector brought verses, pleasantry and rap like it has never been heard. This EP is the redefinition of rap in the African music scene or maybe the genuine meaning of musicality and verse.

This EP is an excursion into something new, mixed, cadenced, and refreshingly unique.

Utilizing a blend of English, Yoruba and pidgin, and a variety of sounds intentionally masterminded to daze and enjoyment simultaneously, Vector and MASTAA acquaint us with a tune that embraces signature from a wide range of African sound, combined it pleasantly with the cadence and pace that is novel to rap and made an upset – Rapfrobeat.

The new sub-classification will make the ways for another rush of music and performers.

This group of work will engage you, it’ll cause you to reflect, make your face bloom into a grin in light of the fact that the delight coursing through your ears will be an excessive amount to contain. Obviously you’ll bop your head and in the event that you let yourself go your feet will move to the musicality of a sound that must be depicted as particular.

This collection of work is a deviation from the standard intended to spellbind the sense. On the off chance that resistance was music, this would be it.

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