The Nigerian rap industry is going to go unstable even in the most disturbing style! Vector “Judas The Rat ” has at last reacted to MI’ Abaga’s diss rap; “The Viper.” Just true to form, Vector made an account of many claimed dim sides of MI and truly hoped to hit him hard where it would hurt the most.

This more than 4 minutes record is descriptive and deriding! Vector even in some a la mode way hauled MI’s sibling; Jeese Jagz, in the record and ensured MI was painted dark for his failings. This record, in any case, would make even the long-standing meat between the two most despised opponents arrive at a resolution that détente probably won’t be called at any point in the near future.

Vector “Judas The Rat” and this is because of MI considering him a “Snake.” Listen to the record and offer your contemplations. Did Vector Bury MI or he still a record away from being equivalent?



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