Cobhams Asuquo discharges another single title “More Than Pretty”, a tune with an amazing message to motivate ladies.

Multi-gifted chronicle artiste, Cobhams comes through with an extraordinary melody titled “More Than Pretty” to shake some real table. This tune is an update that as opposed to what we have been made to accept, there is a whole other world to a lady than her shapes, extents, and wifely potential.

Dear lady, you are not the slightest bit the second rate sex, on the grounds that there is nothing of the sort. You are profitable by goodness of simply being you. You ought not exclusively be seen yet heard also. Your value is more than your sex, more than your looks, more than finding a man.

Regardless of anything else, you are an individual; a person above all else, with a store of ability, expectations, and dreams, substantial sentiments and wants, and you have the right to be recognized and approached with deference all alone merit, not just on the value of the man remaining alongside you. You have the power, the right, to turn into anything you desire; and you merit it. You shouldn’t need to grovel in light of the fact that you are a lady. You are wonderful regardless of your outside appearance. You are gifted. You are more grounded than you might suspect. You are prepared to do far beyond you know.

You do have the right to be cherished similarly as you may be. You Are Worthy. You Are More Than Pretty

Tune in and Enjoy!



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